What's your size?


We are all different builds, heights and weights! In other words we are all different sizes.

You know your dress size

You know your shirt size

You know your shoe size

What's your pillow size?

The Simplex-genius pillow size measuring system quickly and accurately measures you for your pillow size. Once you know your pillow size (size 1 - 5) simply select the pillow of your choice in your size. Whether you want to sleep on a polyester, cotton, memory foam or even a feather and down pillow - we have the right pillow for you.

Sleep on just one pillow - the pillow that is the right height for you. Better spinal alignment can help you get a better night's sleep.

Look for our unique size label on the pillow


Only pillows that have the Simplex-genius size labels are certified by Simplex-genius Ltd. This is your guarantee that the pillow conforms to our patent protected sizing system.

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