The brainchild of consultant osteopath Kulwinder Bajwa

Kulwinder Bajwa is the senior consultant osteopath at the Maidenhead Osteopathy Clinic With over 27 years experience of treating people with back and neck problems, Kulwinder applied his considerable knowledge to invent the Simplex-genius pillow measuring system. Kulwinder says "Most people sleep on their side. If their pillow is too high or too low [for them] then their body will not be properly aligned and there will be unnecessary stress on the body. This can lead not only to spinal problems and poor sleep but also a variety of issues ranging from weight gain, poor concentration, low libdo, poor memory and even depression. After years of advising my own patients on how they should try and set up their pillows to be correctly aligned, when lying down, the idea of a pillow size measuring system was born!"

Used by, sold by and endorsed by medical professionals throughout the UK since 2012.

The Simplex-genius pillow measuring system has been used in the UK since 2012 by the pillow company Goldilocks Pillows Ltd. This company continues to supply pillows and measuring devices to medical practices throughout the UK. Goldilocks Pillows are used by patients and those who do not have any medical complaints and have received unprecedented endorsements from therapists and their patients.

What's so special about our pillows?

Every pillow in our range conforms to our unique sizing system. We specify the dimensions of each pillow and crucially the compressed height. This is the height of the pillow when you place your head on to it. The pillows are tested using our own testing equipment at our laboratory in the UK. In this way you are assured that wherever you buy your pillow, as long as it carries our Simplex-genius Ltd. size label, it will consistantly be the correct height. Our aim is to standardise pillow sizes globally.


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Harvey Norman launch Simplex-Genius pillow measuring system in all of their Ireland Stores

After a hugely successful trial at the Harvey Normans store in Swords Dublin the Simplex Genius measuring system is being rolled out to all stores accross the country.

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